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Welcome to Will-Hathaway.com! This site was created for people with questions about God and Christianity in general, but don't want their knuckles rapped by a ruler for asking them. As someone raised in church, I can relate to the journey that is launched when people begin to ask questions and challenge what they have always been presented. My hope is that this will be a safe place to facilitate discussion about some of the questions you may have felt uncomfortable asking in a religious setting.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!

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What If God Is Like This? Looking at pervasive injustice and recurring evil, is it troubling to reconcile a belief that a good God would tolerate so much that is bad? What If God is Like This? addresses these difficult questions by providing a unique look at Christianity and God's interaction with humanity.

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The Human Side of Christ: The Guy behind the God peels back the divine cloak of mystery surrounding Christ and His existence as God in the flesh, and focuses on the human personality that walked the earth.

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Naked The life of a rookie beat cop is changed forever when he meets an elderly sage on a routine call. Using wisdom, perspective, and humor, Naked is a journey destined to transform the readers understanding of God, life, and love.


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